Honey rests on his lips

So sweet,

But they are not the only things

I long to kiss

and discover

with my mouth

on his velvet body.

And when he looks

at me like that,

Like he’s got the whole world in his hands,

I blossom into

a flower


he is the only


I want too

taste the nectar

That drips

between my


5 thoughts on “Falling Into You

  1. This is quite a big step from the ‘letter wring’ in terms of style and emotive expression. I do admire you for taking such a step, wherever it may lead you. Blending the sensual, physical and emotive elements is a challenge and I think this has been a success for your poem. Irrespective of whether the words relate to anything personal, I do hope that you find what you are seeking. I try to write honestly about how I see any piece that I read but should I offend in any way then please do not hesitate to tell me. Good luck with your writing CJ 🙂 🙂

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